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Self-adhesive foils

We use various types of self-adhesive foils for printing, which are selected depending on the applied material, shape and exposure time. A full range of their types are offered.

Monomer foil – the cheapest type of foil applied to little demanding shapes. It is recommended as a flat surface application on almost any substrate: pvc, plexiglass, sheet metal, composite panels, etc.
Polymer foil – is designed for medium to long term applications. The main difference from the monomer foil is its greater flexibility, which allows you to paste, for example, larger embossing on the car body.
Cast foil – is mainly dedicated to wrapping a full surface of a car with graphics or changing the color of a car.
Perforated one way vision foil – permeable to light, used mainly for application of graphics on shop windows or selected car windows.
Foil for backlighting – used in printing, for application of graphics on the faces of lightboxes or as a translucent foil in a solid color for backlighting e.g. illuminated letters.
Frosted foil – used mainly in elements to achieve the effect of sandblasted glass. It gives the glass a noble and charming look.
Backlit foil – called backlight plate. It is mainly used for led frames, menuboards or citylight type elements as an interchangeable element with graphics.
Reflective foil – used for wrapping advertising elements in order to emphasize certain elements in the form of reflected light stream.