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Milling, Cutting, Laser Processing

Our machinery is mainly used for production. In addition, we also offer services that utilize the capabilities of these devices.

CNC Milling

The working area of the Infotec machine allows us to mill boards with dimensions of 200×400 cm. Different materials can be processed, from plastics (PVC, Plexiglass, composite panels, etc.), wood (wood, plywood, chipboard, mdf, etc.) to soft metals (aluminum, brass, etc.). The machine allows us to process with unprecedented accuracy.

CNC Cutting

The same machine (i.e. Infotec), also has tools such as an oscillation knife, trailing knife and creasing head. So we can use it to cut light plastic materials (kapa, foam, etc.) or cardboard and paperboard.

Laser cutting and engraving

Laser plotter Spirit GLS with workspace 610×960 mm is universal device for precise cutting of materials and engraving on specially prepared surface.